MXdN to Southern California

Oh Ya I am there :):D:D:D:D:D

We should get a caravan of Thumpers to meet up out there

Whadya Think

It's weird but I have a happy/disgusted feeling about this.

Of course I'm glad it's back in the good ol USA.

BUT and it's a BIG BUTT, they could not have picked a worse venue, with so many better tracks and facilities to choose from.

They sure have their work cut out for them if we as American's won't be embarassed by having such a Prestidious (sp) event at a man made track. It's really a freaken joke, but yea of course I will be there as I dig watching Euro type events.

Unfortunately and yea I can say it now it won't hold a candle to when I went to Valkensward Holland to witness the 91 MXDN. Now that was an EVENT!!!!!


I don't neeeeeeed a pickle, I just waaaaaana ride my motosickle....

Best Des Nations ever was at Unadilla. Best track in the world, hands down.


You got that right I still have a T-shirt I bought when Dirt Bike was a good mag. Its still in the Plastic cost I think 15 bucks to support Hannah and them. Man were those the days !!!!

G-Man, what's the beef with Comp Park? I'm in Colorado, and will be going to the MXDn. Just curious as to why you think it's a stinkhole.

I'd read on their website that they intend to be building a completely new site by the time the MXDn rolls around.

Got my motel reservations last night. Waiting on tickets now. :)


Just curious as to why you think it's a stinkhole.

I don't know about what the future Comp Park might be like. The current one is built on a dairy farm, so hopefully you like the smell of cow. The tracks themselves are nice but there is no way it could hold an even of this size, there is no place for all the people/cars/team trucks etc. It's in the middle of BFE and then you have to drive through a little narrow dirt driveway along some abondoned home to get into the place. Like I said, it's a nice track and it's fine for what it is used for now but it can't host an event like the MXdN... I'm sure they'll make the new track with the MXdN in mind.

How difficult do you all think that it would be to get tickets to this event??????

The best part about it is the Euros are already crying like a bunch of babies! :):D:D

Originally posted by RichB:

The best part about it is the Euros are already crying like a bunch of babies! :):D:D

They know a spanking is in the works?


I have been to the old Comp Park and it's everything motogreg said, fun local track blah blah blah

The new track I have not seen, but I am very much into the history and the importance of this once a yr event, that is essentially the Olympics of Motocross. It's all about the almighty dollar now that Dorna has taken over, they have ruined the GP's with their one moto events and also have changed the MXDN format. Now they have sold out to a promotor who is willing to stick his neck out (admirably for sure), but to me the MXDN should not be about the $$$. A MAN MADE track, vs a track like Washougal, Unadilla Mammoth, jeez if they need it in Cal, then GlenHelen. It's like trying to compare Yankee stadium to some Minor league ballpark.

The Easter Bunny is in town maybe he can pull a rabbit outa his ass!!!rocketwhore.gif

Hey I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed, I HOPE he can pull it out!

Originally posted by G-Man:


It's all about the almighty dollar now that Dorna has taken over, they have ruined the GP's with ass!!!rocketwhore.gif

Hey I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed, I HOPE he can pull it out!

Yea, I'm with you on that... I've never been to a MXDn but I won't miss this one, hopefully they can pull it off.

BTW, if you want to get an insiders opinion of Dorna, pick up last month's issue of RacerX. Very interesting IMHO.


Hey guys,

I agree with G-Man and Motogreg. The fact that the MXdN is coming to the U.S. again is HUGE!! This is going to be an event you cannot miss. I applaud the fact that Comp Park somehow negotiated bringing this race to the U.S. Its just that the proposed location of where the race is going to be held will not live up to the standards of a true National level track and so I'm dissappointed. I'd like for the Euros to ride on some of our best dirt. For many, this may be there one and only trip to the states and it would be cool if it was a memorable one.

There are so many top level tracks where this race deserves to be held at but some how a dairy farmer with a little backyard track puts up some cash and gets the FIM to agree to holding the MXdN race at his track. You'd think the AMA would have some kind of sanction that only allows this type of race to be held at a National track. I guess, the owner of Comp Park watched the "Field of Dreams" and got some kind of inspiration. How did it go "you build it and they will come".

I've been to the present Comp Park many times and its OK. For those of you not from Calif., its basically the type of track that is built on FLAT ground and a bulldozer has built jumps, whoops, and berms; kind of like a Supercross track. I heard that Comp Park is building a new track for the MXdN event so I drove to the new site this weekend just to check it out. My heart sunk as I saw the future location. It's also FLAT! I'm sorry, but you cannot build a truly awesome motocross track on flat ground, no matter how high the bulldozer builds a jump! Ironically, less than 1/4 mile away are these awesome rolling hills where an epoch track could be built.

Right now the site is vacant, except for a few jumps. An entire infrastructure has to built by September and so the track needs lots of work and support. The owner of Comp Park (compparkjim) posts messages at Proride frequently, so check it out for more info. I'm sure he's looking for people to help out in pulling this whole thing together. Despite the track location, lets give 'em our full support!!



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Found a pic of the proposed MXdN site and will try to post it below. I found this and others at Proride under the Comp Park link.


OMG if that doesn't drive the craziness in this Sellout, by Dorna then I don't know what will. All I can say is their are some nice looking possibilities in "them darn hills" and if he doesn't it would be a big mistake. The question is, does he own the hilly terrain?


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Don't get your hopes up!! From what I have been told, they are going to re do the Big track and the Vet track into the MXdez track! :) They are not using the new track. That is as of right now, could change.

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