'08 450 Speed sensor?

Anyone know where I can find a speed sensor for an '08 450? I just need the white plastic piece with two tabs that spins inside the front hub.  Evidently the tabs don't fare too well when you put the wheel back together and the they happen to line up with the metal tabs on the wheel.... :banghead: .   I really don't want to spend the $100 for a complete sensor assembly when all I need is that little plastic ring.

I looked on the Yamaha website at the parts diagram and they don't actually sell the individual pieces of the speed sensor that you're looking for, only the entire sensor.


Only other option would be to look for a used speed sensor that has those tabs in alright condition.


How badly damaged is the plastic ring, is it able to be glued back together, as that could be another option?

I tried the glue thing, it lasted for about 7 miles. I found the complete assembly (~$100), I'm just hoping to find the ring separately and cheaper since everything else is in good shape.

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