WB's Vortip and "Tork" valve.

I am looking at getting either the PMB quiet insert or the Vortip, I am not sure what would be better, any thoughts on the matter? Right now I am rinning the stock muffler with the stock baffle removed. Also does the Tork valve work?


I would go with the PMB. Its easy to modify by drilling out some of the plug holes on the perimiter. GYR-T also has a tip for about $40.00 that works fine. I ran a Vortip and GYR-T in my 426. Performance very similar. GYR-T looks better and is 1/2 the cost.

Also does the Tork valve work

I do have one, but have yet to install it. (useless reply)

I have been busy moving most of my household crap to PA, and getting this house ready to sell.

I stopped by my local Yamaha shop to see if they had the GYT-R insert, they didn't but the parts guy had a used Vortip off of his WR400. I bought it for $15 and he threw in a new pilot jet. It's a lot quiter. I have not had a chance to ride with it yet. I am still thinking about getting the Tork valve, and makeing a JamesNow.

I have a PMB, don't know how much it hurt the top end but it sure helped the bottem and the mid and that,s more important in the woods also it took a lot of the noise out of the beast . :)

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