Anyone ride Mammoth Bar in Auburn, Ca?

Going to Mammoth this Friday. What is it like there? Rocky, sandy, hills, no hills, etc.. Any info is appreciated.


Yes and then Some

Been awhile but if memory recalls Its all the abouve and lots of fun

Forest Hill is much better though, Soft Forest Loom, Moist tractor traction and really a cool place. But Auburn is awsome any way

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Thanks for the response! I'm going on Friday...can't wait. It'll be Good Friday for more than one reason now!


Mammoth Bar can be a fun place to ride. No fee but they do have rangers. They require spark arrestors and will test your db's. Put new packing in your exhaust. The track can be crowded but is worth while. If your like me and don't like gaps then Mammoth Bar is nice as it is full of tables. Ride the track then hit the trails.

I may stop by on friday am on my way to a sacramento meeting. I look for you.(I am #152t)

Mammoth Bar is a great place to ride, especially being so close to Granite Bay, about 20 minutes. If your bike is red stickered, you may have a problem. The supposed cut-off date for red stickers was March 15. I have not been since February, so I don't know how tough they'll be. The rangers will sometimes pick up the phone early in the morning at 530-885-5821 and will let you know. If not, egoAhole is right, Foresthill will be awesome!(if you can live without a track) If you do get into Mammoth, the track should be in great shape as they usually groom it on Wednesdays.The trails have been cut back over the years, but still offer some decent climbs as well as several "black diamond" single tracks. Some of the trails are fairly rocky, but most are hard packed. The family loves Mammoth because of the track, the 80cc and smaller track plus the beginner to advanced trails. Also,for March, the park is open Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8am 'till 5 pm.


We will be there about 9:30-10:00 or so. My truck is a 2001 Chevy 2500 HD Crew Cab and it's Charcoal Grey. We're all riding two smokes tomorrow. I've got an 01 CR 250. It's got the "Road Runner" graphics kit on it and a huge West Coast Choppers cross on the front number plate.

Thanks to all for the info, hope to see ya there...

Ride safe,


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