Starting progressively difficult/slow

I've had a few starting issues in the past. First I had the two little copper wires re-soldered. Helped for a while until the bike wouldn't startt a few rides later. I then changed the ignition coil and that helped for several rides as well. Thought starting issues were done. On my last ride (2 days), starting was fine until the end of the first day when it would take longer and longer to start. By the second day it would take several tries, and I could hear the e-starter sound slowing down. I had to kick it once or twice. 


Fast forward a few days and when I start it in the AM (the E starter noise is slower and slower) it takes several seconds but eventually fires up. A few seconds later I pop the choke back in as I normally do and the bike dies shortly after. The bike then wouldn't start with either e-start or kick. The e-starter did sound "slow"...


Is this a sign of a dead battery? I'm hoping it's just the battery, but if the battery is dead, shouldn't I be able to kick it? It's happened to me before on a different bike to use the kicker several days after the battery had died and eventually drained it so much that it wouldn't start at all. However, why would the bike die after I pushed the choke back in? Idle seemed a bit slower than usual with choke on... Just wondering if this sounds like the symptoms of a battery issue or starter, low compression or...? 



Tuning set up?


Batteries wear out. 

Test it using service manual procedure to determine if the battery is bad or just not charging.

If you have a 2006 or earlier, a dead battery will not kick over.

Big thanks Krannie. I have a 2005, so I'll start with the battery (a cheap $15 dollar Vietnamese battery had been in there for quite a while). 

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If you have a 2006 or earlier, a dead battery will not kick over.



Sure it will.    We regularly have the crap asian batteries go south on us or a rider that won't use proper starting

technique and runs a battery completely flat.   Still runs just fine when kick started, even with a bad battery

that no longer takes a charge.   Just means the rider is kicking for the rest of the trip.


I suppose there may be a circumstance where a battery has failed in a way that prevents the engine from

running properly but have not encountered it yet.


We have nine WRs, model years 2003-5

Wow I've never gotten my 05 to kick with a dead battery. I will keep that in mind.

Depends on how dead the battery really is . 100% dead no kick start , some juice and it will run .

Check the connection at the coil .

My 05 had the same symptoms, changed the coil and it got better for a while then the same shit started happening again . Turned out the plug on the wiring harness had corroded away causing the intermittent start and die then no start at all .

Mine has never died while running. Just takes more and more tries to start (more/longer magic button presses). I figured I needed a new starter as those copper coils were toast at some point, but I'll start with the battery. Batteries here are around $15-20 and are great for the price, but in my experience they last only about a year to a year and a half on 250cc bikes. The big bore probably sucks the juice out of it way faster. I've had the bike for 6 months and this was the battery in it (so could very well be two years old for all I know). For the price, I won't even bother checking the charge. I'll just switch it this afternoon and see if it fires up.

Turned out to be a dead battery. Surprisingly, it kicked fine when I picked it up today. Wouldn't start with the E, but kicked over fine. Changed the battery and it's fine now. Still a bit tricky to start with the e-starter IMO, but I think I've got the technique down now. Anyways, just in time for a nice Sunday ride. Thanks all.

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