FS: Complete rear wheel assembly

Rear wheel for a 1998 only YZ400. Originally for a 1996 YZ250. Will also fit 1988 to 1998 YZ 250's and WR 250's(2-stroke). Perfect condition(still shines!) complete spare rear wheel with very little time has used Renthal 50, used 737 and good rotor. Also comes with new stock Afam 49. Going on ebay soon. Pieced together it retails for over $800. Asking $350 or best offer. Shipping extra. -Adam-

Will that wheel fit my o1' 426? If it will it is sold


It will fit your 01 but you will need the smaller axle, nut, adjuster blocks and left+right spacers, plus the bigger brake rotor.

I also had some shims to slide over the axle to take up the space in between the swingarm and inside the brake hanger, just to be on the safe side.

I have a set of wheels to fit your 01 but they are spoken for, if the guy don't get em I'll let you know.

What he said! It will only fit the 1998 YZ 400 straight up. 1999 , they changed a bunch of things.


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