RED HOT!?!?!?

When I came in after a fairly short ride(about 30 min.), I was letting my bike idle for a minute with the gas off. It was pretty dark, and when I looked down, I noticed that my pipe, right where it comes out of the block was glowing red hot. Is this normal, or is it because my bike is running too lean? Please let me know.

Run a search and you'll find it's normal, and it's been asked 120,000 times before :)

This is a common's how the male yz attracts females...let it happen, it's natural :)


is it making a suspicious ticking sound too?

hahahaha.....cmon now, don't hurt the newbie :)

:D Man you guys are cruel and mean hearted. SuperDude was asking a legit question in which he should be granted a legit answers.

Let me help SuperGuy :)

Thi sonly happens North of the California Boarder, It was first traced to some lone thumpers in Washington but has been seen as far as bend organ !

What you have is a problem with the rear apriture spring connected to the upper systemic Valve.

In order to fix this you have to lick the pipe cold with the tongue of a stray dog Live or dead dont matter, some say road kill cools it faster

Welcome to Thumpertalk :D

Oh yeah,

Don't forget to lube that muffler bearing and change your spoke oil!


make sure to grease your grips before you put em on too! helps seal the "air pockets" :)

hey superman, welcome to TT,notice how everyone thinks they are cool because they have been here longer. The red pipe, it's all good. I sh@t my pants when i first saw my bike do that at night until these same clowns told me it was OK.


kevin d

and when you did your first oil change, was the oil......*gasp* :)


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