Stripped everything but motor and cleaned/greased. Just got the bike back together. Small hose is leaking at clamp going into top of left radiator. Only change I made was thermostat. Gave Parts+ guy the Napa number. Drilled hole in rim. The clamp is maxxed. It's a pretty wimpy clamp, though. Should I get a regular hose clamp or might there be something else going on (because of the new t-stat?) that's causing the leak.


try a new clamp-get a regualr hose clamp on there and make sure the hose is pulled all the way on--a bit of wd40 helps it slide on.

If the leak is at the hose, not at the thermostat-then its probalby the hose--make sure there arent any small cracks in the hose...

Thanks. Figured as much but I'm a little paranoid with my 1st liquid-cooled bike. Riding my 1st ride of the year next Sun. and also my 1st enduro. I'm fired up and I want to lose (C-vet) because of me, not the bike.

There wouldn't even be any pressure in the radiator if the t-stat wasn't working, right ?


just FYI i dont use a thermostat anymore on the BRP-and that includes some long races in low-40's temps...no problems at all-lots of others have just yanked it out as well...

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