Cool trail tips???

Fellas isn't JB weld too slow in hardening/dry-up. I think it needs hours to dry up. I use Loctite 3463. It has 3min work time and 10min dry-up time. After that you are good to go. I have fixed 1 radiator (yz426f) and one engine case cover with excelent results. The guy with the case even sold the bike with the loctite on it after 1 year and it was still holding!

You guys are excellent! The tips are so good it is hard to offer any more. Except this. If your riding in a large group, everyoen carry at least two beers. Why????

If 4 people drink two beers each, you'll have enough urine to fill a YZ's cooling system. This leaves enough extra to douse the guys bike. The "bike" part of it works as sort of an object lesson to teach him/her that preventative maintenance is a good idea.

You guys know that Moose Quick Steel that you can buy at the bike

shop for something like $10?

Well, Lowe's sells an identical product for around $4.00!!!

The product is Magnum Steel made by VersaChem. It's great for those

side of the trail repairs and works on anything.

Dont forget all those handy Metric rocks that are littered all over the trail. They work great in a pinch to pound bent/broken bike parts back to submission

Those rocks may have worked fine in the past but I just don't see you using them on the new scoot.

Depends on just how stranded I may become. :):D

But seeing as it is a 2004 hopefully I wont have to worry about those things for a while.

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