spark plug sootting up 2012 yz 450

Hi there,


Would any one know why my spark plug is going black after only 3 hours of riding? I have been running two stroke oil in my fuel of 2ml per 20L of fuel as a I have been told this helps to lubricate the fuel pump. Could this be a problem or is the bike just running too rich?



The fuel pump doesn't need lubricating beyond what gasoline does, for openers.  Neither do your piston rings, unless your "gasoline" has a high percentage of ethanol in it.


Is the spark plug a C9RE or equivalent heat range?


Have these first 3 hours been cruising around taking it easy?


The last time you ran it prior to looking at the plug, did the engine reach full operating temperatures and stay there for 20 minutes?

Do you mix 2-stroke oil in your truck gasoline to lubricate the fuel pump? Sounds like a silly idea to me.

I have been running two stroke oil in my fuel.

Could this be a problem?

Stop doing that, check it again when all the oil is out of the gas tank.

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