Seized engine?

A few weeks ago I was riding my 1998 wr400 and the engine cut out on me. Back tired locked up so I pulled the clutch and rolled to the side of the rode. I tried to kick it over but the kick-started wouldnt move.

Just last night I was looking at it, and it kicked through. Could it have seized up due to overheating? I had just changed the oil a few days before the incident. Could it be the radiator?

The 400 and 426 had crank problems. The rod will start to seize on the crank journal and stall the bike I could rock the bike back and forth and it would break lose and kick start run etc then stall when riding when I would shut the throttle and coast with no load on the motor. It took me several very quick rides to figure out the problem as the motor sounded good.( No rod rattle yet) if this is your problem and you continue to ride it will go from bad to worse very quickly . I put a new crank rod etc in and rode the bikes for years. Never have I had a bike do this when losing a rod bearing normally the motor is quite loud and very evident what the problem is.

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Hmm alright thanks. I'll have to inspect the crank when I get home today. The bike does roll back and forth, but I haven't started it since it seized up.

It may not be the same as mine, but these bikes did have some crank to rod issues and what you are describing does match some of the symptoms I was dealing with. Pull the spark plug and turn over by hand and see if you have a "tight" spot. Good luck.

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