Seat and Spring

I have an 04 wr450f and am looking for a better seat with more foam. I am also about 240lbs and am looking at adding a stiffer spring. Any suggestions? Much appreciated. :)

I went with a Guts Racing tall/soft seat foam and cover. I'm not sure how much it added to the height, but I'm sure it's atleast an inch.

I'm 240lbs. (with gear) and I changed out the front and rear springs with springs from Race Tech. I went to 48kg springs in the front and a 5.6 in the rear. I could have gone to a 5.8, but I didn't want to plunk down the money and find that it is too stiff for my liking. So far, I am VERY happy with the changes. I didn't revalve or anything, just serviced the forks and shock and changed out the springs. :)

forks seem very good right now. i will look into the race tech rear spring. thanks for the advice. :)

I thought the stock suspension worked good all the way around but it was just too light for my overall weight. I was bottoming out on everything.

You couldn't possibly be getting any free sag with a 5.6 at 240 lbs! My neighbor (about 240 wet) has a 03 WR450 that Race Tech returned with a 5.6 rear. After setting race sag he had zero free sag. He sent it back and got it back with a 6.0 which now gives him the requisite free sag.

I (240 lbs wet on a 99 WR400) used Race Tech online calculator to determine what the correct spring would be - it came back with 5.6, and had the same problem - no free sag. After bitching to RT, they admitted the online calculator was "off" and gave me a free 6.0. All's well!

Yes, you are right. I'm actually 225lbs without my gear and fanny pack on and that's where we setup the suspension. Even with that setup there isn't much free sag but the suspension is working great so I didn't think much more of it.

Should I hit Race Tech up for a heavier spring or stick with the 5.6? :)

the guts seats have gotten the best reviews on this site. you might want to do a "search" for info. they offer differant foam density and the owners opinions may help.

as for springs, i've always been a little concerned by the numbers race tech has, they seem a bit soft. for stock and recomended. they don't match anybody else. i'm about 210 and just had both ends of my '03 redone. i ended up with a 5,8 on the back. free sag is correct and preload. they left the stock fork springs in.

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