Drain plug update

Just received an email from Scott, the plugs were mailed out Monday..they should be arriving to folks pretty soon. He has been in meetings at work and was only able to email me through his PCS phone. Just wanted to pass this along. Jason

Cool Hopefully it will be here tomorrow (Friday)!

No mail on Friday---Holiday. Will have to hope for Saturday or Monday.

Originally posted by Jason in KC:

Just received an email from Scott, the plugs were mailed out Monday..they should be arriving to folks pretty soon. He has been in meetings at work and was only able to email me through his PCS phone. Just wanted to pass this along. Jason

This is very "BOGUS", he can not even give us info himself???

I WANT A REFUND! and I e-mailed him this and have not got a response. Imagine that??? :)

I think the Pony Exress could have gotten them here by now!

Still waiting!

Originally posted by BigDog:

I think the Pony Exress could have gotten them here by now!

Still waiting!

Tell me about it, this is a bunch of bull. I think we all have been taken. I e-mailed him about 20 times for a refund, with absolutely no response at all. :D Not even a response of just sent the plugs out "NOTHING" :D

Anyone know him? I wish I did, I'd be kicking some A$$. There is no reason he cannot even e-mail everyone info. of whats up :D

He can stick the plug up his A$$, I am very ticked off :D:):D

Wow Hitman! Thats a lot of mad faces in your post.

I understand though, I'd be kinda ticked to if I hadnt even gotten a response from him.

I would be in on the plug buy too if I hadnt just bought one a week or two before I heard about this "Group Buy"

Where is this guy located?

If everyone will send me $10 each via PayPal, I promise I will go hunt him down and do the dirty work. :)

oh yea,... thats PayPal - darinh@cleanlink.net :D

We here at TT need to keep this thread alive until the correct action is taken with this issue!

We have trusted an individule with out hard earned money, and have recieved nothing in return!

Nothing! Not a single solitary post from Scott as to what is going on!

I can accept the idea that Scott & his family are busy with the new addition, however, I have a hard time believing he is so busy he can't "POST" some information as to where, when, why, what, or who is the hold-up!

So... Here is a question for any body who knows Scott. Is there any way you can get in touch with him (face to face) and see if there is anything he needs help with in order to complete his end of the deal?

I have had great sucess with every swap, sale, and reply on TT up till now. If we here at TT let this "slide" it will put a shadow of mistrust on us all.

Scott... This is for you... If There is anything I can do to help you out just PM me and I would be more then happy to do what I can.

I agree, I sent him an email yesterday and havent got a response yet! Hopefully Scott you will do the right thing, you would be concerned to if you were in our shoes. Thanks,



Have you had much contact with Scott prior to this drain plug bulk buy? and if so, did he conduct himself in as up-front manner?

I guess I'm trying to keep a good opinion of Scott untill he proves all of us otherwise. :)

Hi b-bike!

I live in Sweden and am part of this bulk-buy. Scott and I e-mailed back and forth prior to him ordering the plugs, because I wanted to know shipping cost (well, final cost for me to Pay-pal to him).

He seemed (seems) like nice trustworthy guy (as far as one can judge via e-mail) and I hope that the reason for slow delivery is something "honest".

When I emailed last time (20:th of last month) I got an reply the same day, but no cost estimate yet and I haven´t sent any money either, as he and I agreead upon - no money until final cost is known. Now I wont pay until You and the others like Motoman393 et al. recieves Your plugs.

I have ordered four of them, that ads up to some money and I do not want lose those.

B-bike, You and Motoman393 are approaching this the correct way - i.e no accusations (yet), but offering help. I bleieve that is the civilized way and if I were closer I would offer my help to.


Just sent Scott another e-mail. We'll see if he respondes.

Fred... Hope you get your plug order. If not... you can try going direct to any of the on-line out fits and get what you need. It will just cost a bit more. However... trust in who you deal with is worth something.

I sent him another email last night. I will let you guys know if I hear any word from him.

:) Just want to point something out here maybe some of you are missing.

1: So far I read 8 people have had no luck reaching this Guy

2: So far No product

3: Has anyone been charged yet "I.E. Visa Statement" If yes the See 4

4: You been Ripped off

Just My Point


Look if someone slaps you in the face and you ask why and his answer is another slap in the face, are you gonna ask a 3rd time or are you gonna go balistic and educate the dude.

Sorry Swed but I disagree with you on the passive / Civalized negotiation. I think if someone blatenly does not represent what he is selling, that person should be held accountable.

:D I just want to shed some lite on it from a person who did not get involved. I think the guy ripped you off "PERIOD"

If you were charged on your credit card, I would immediately contact your credit card company and let them know you have been ripped off.

I hate to say it, but I have to agree with Eggahole.


Ok I will let you agree with me this time


I payed the guy with Paypal. I went to thier site to see about a refund and found out that I am out of luck. They won't do anything after 30 days. We need to get ahold of this guy.

Here si one of the last Emails that I got from Him.


This is all that I have listed for the plug. I am

going to place the order next Wednesday Morning. I

looked at shipping and it was only around 2.00 for the

continential U.S. I have a bunch of those padded

envelopes that I get get for .50 apiece so I was going

to say 2.50 for shipping? So I wanted to throw that

out there. So I am looking at 14.50 apiece????? Or

for the ones that wanted two say 26.00 as shipping

would be the same.

Garret have you decided if you want two or one????

Philip I need your physical address to send it.

For the international guys I will check on shipping

and let you know individually what the additional cost

might be.

As for payments I have a paypal account setup under

this email address: scottzx7rr@yahoo.com

Or you can send me a check/money order to my home


Scott Gilbert

15030 Fuller

Grandview, MO 64030

Let me know if you guys have any problems or questions.


Scott #410

Some Fear Racing "Cause if you ain't got any then you're not going fast enough!"

'01 Yamaha YZ-426F Ride Blue!

'92 and '99 Kawasaski ZX7RR

"When you are cut do you bleed green? I used to"

Here's another "bystander" viewpoint.

1) I personally would take a lot of coaxing to represent a group buy for no personal profit. I'm sure Scott is is now pretty well aware of the logistical problems that can arise and the potential to piss people off.

2) I would never participate as a buyer in a group buy if I needed prompt delivery and was not prepared to wait it out.

3) People should be held accountable for their actions and live up to their promises to the extent possible. People should also be realistic about they're expectations toward someone who does not gain from the transaction or is only trying to help.

4) It's easy to play on the frustrations and anxieties of others. Take some accountability for your comments before you rally the lynch mob and especially if you can offer no real assistance to resolve the matter.



Now that's haliarious.

Jason is a riding buddy of mine and I'll have to riddle his cage about that one.

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