Drain plug update

Hey there's a BRIDGE in the freaken ARIZONA desert (London Bridge in Havasu) I'd like to sell you, lets get together for a "group buy"! LOL

Sorry couldn't resist and yes the Magnetic Drain plug works great btw!


Hahahaha hehehehehehe

That was good real good

Sorry back It was just real funny

Just recieved my drain plug in the mail today.


[ April 06, 2002: Message edited by: cadbuzz ]

Those are strong magnets. Maybe mine is stuck to the side of some mailbox.

Ok, cadbuzz

are You in on this Bulk-buy or did You order a drainplug directly from zip-ty, or wherever?

(Ouupss! now I saw that the sender were indeed Scott, i.e You´re a "bulk-buyer").

If cadbuzz is in on the bulk-buy, have anyone else recieved their plug(s)?

As far as I know Scott ordered the plugs I wanted, but sofar he has not e-mailed me about the total cost (purchase and p&p to Sweden) - I think I will send him a mail today, asking whats going on, he has answered my mails before.


[ April 08, 2002: Message edited by: 426fred ]

I got mine today...Thanks Scott,


also received my plug today. thanks scott, never doubted you


kevin d

Got mine today! Thanks Scott!

Got mine today, all the way in Okinawa. Thanks Scott!

Ok better reply here as well!

Got my plug yesterday, thanks Scott!

Funny (or sad) that You guys in US recieved Your plugs on the same day as I did, in Sweden!


I got mine yesterday. A month and a half from when I ordered it, but I guess better late than never!

Got mine yesterday too.

I also just got mine from my local dealer DGY. It was a Moose brand though.Price $11.95 Wait time 2 minutes, hope it works.

I'm sorry I could'nt resist that. :):D:D:D

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