09 YZ450F triple clamp pinch bolts

I recently changed my steering bearings and when I was installing the forks I snapped one of the fork pinch bolts off. I torqued the bolts to 15 ft/lb as the manual says to. All bolts tightened fine besides this one and one other that felt like the threads were starting to stretch so I quit tightening. I removed the broken remainder of the bolt easily.

Does anyone know where I could find these pinch bolts for an 09 YZ450F. I can't find these bolts anywhere. Also if anyone knows why this bolt would snap or what I did wrong here please let me know.

Thanks in advance


That torque range is for new, clean, uncorroded bolts.


If you don't have anti-sieze on the bolts, they will get tight in the threads very quickly.

Steel bolts into aluminum threads will oxidize and start to seize up, without anti-sieze.


Also, if you are using a torque wrench that goes up past 50 ftlbs, it's not going to be accurate enough, typically.

It should be rated from 0 to 35 or 0 to 50 for that application.

When they are rated from 10-100, and it costs fifty bucks, well,.....


You need a wrench that will still be at under 5% error at the ftlbs you are using it for.

Most 'big' wrenchs are not accurate until you get over 50ftlbs, and the error below that can be as much as 50%.

Yeah the torque wrench that I am using got from 0 to 150 ft/lb. I will definitely pick up a smaller wrench for more accuracy on smaller bolts.

I've searched everywhere I can to find the pinch bolts and can't find them anywhere. Someone has to have replaced these at some point right?

Motosport or partzilla will have oem bolts.

Thanks. That was simple I don't know why I couldn't find that

Lowes or Ace hardware usually have a big section of bolts, Hillman makes them. I try there first usually.

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