Frame bolt

For some reason this is about the most irritating thing I have done on a bike. The service\owners manual is horrible IMHO. I removed both bolts on the bottom of the bike, removed the oil filter but there's no mention of a frame bolt? It actually mentions in in the diagram and I'm pretty sure I've removed what it's pointing to. I let the oil completely drain, put in the new filter and oil and when I remove the "dip stick" oil comes pouring out. Obviously I didnt remove this "frame bolt" they speak of and all the oil wasnt removed. Can anyone describe better than the manual where this bolt is? It's an '04.

I consider myself a pretty common sense guy and have done many-o-oil change in my short life. I just don't get this for some reason. UGH. Thanks for any help :)

I have an '03 but I'm sure it's similar (if not the same) as the '04. It has three drain bolts, one just below the shifter, one on the bottom of the motor and the frame bolt. The frame bolt is on the lower front portion of the frame, just above where the single tube splits into two portions. You CAN'T miss it. :)

So is it near where the oil screen is? I feel dumb. The manual blows, it doesnt show anything relative to anything else, just a little picture. If you havent noticed I'm coming from street into dirt :) Thanks for the quick reply

No problem! It's just above where the screen is. Just follow the front of the frame down until you see the bolt. It's the only one on the front part of the frame. Good luck! :)

Alright, got it all taken care of. The manual is misleading is the fact that all it says is "Drain bolt(Gasket)" and there's 2-3 of them. There is nothing that says "Frame drain bolt" as far as I could tell. After looking where you mentioned it was the picture they show kind of matched up. How irritating, I feel like an idiot but now I know and that's all that matter :)

Thanks again for you help, it really helped me get this done in a timely manner, I am riding tomorrow and would look like a complete ass if I told them I couldnt cause I couldnt figure out how to drain my oil...

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