I rode a KTM 450 EXC yesterday...

...and it wasn't what I expected. It was skinny, it felt lighter than my WR and it felt SMALL and LESS powerful than my WR! I thought it had good power, but just didn't feel like it had the OOOMPPHHH that my WR450 has.

I'm glad I got that out of my system.... :D:)

I have a ride Bud who has a 2003 450EXC. I have ridden it a couple of times and always seem to be happy remounting my 450. His does seem a bit closer to the ground and maybe lighter. His, until I changed my rear sprocket seemed a bit more " torque " on bottom. Now I like my power from start to limiter more so than his. He is always giving me the B.S., what if the Woodruff Key stuff. I have 500+ miles on mine with the mod. done out of the box, and no worries, I ride it. Anyway, he has a great bike, but for the money difference, I think he too would buy a Yamaha in hind site. I will ride with him and two CRF riding Buds tomorrow, at days end the same conclusions will come out again... All great bikes. Dirtstiff :)

looks like the msnusers.com pop up is back!

anyways, the '04 exc's are much better bike than the '03. that said, i'll keep my wr.

looks like the msnusers.com pop up is back!

THANKS to DDIALOGUE for the following resolution! :)

If you don't want the pop-up login screen, do this:

For those users with Windows2000 or XP do this:

Open up Windows Explorer and go to the following directory:


Open the "hosts" file with NOTEPAD.

Add this line to the bottom of the file: www.msnusers.com

Save and voila!

Close your browser and re-open. No more MSN login pop-ups!

Microsoft really pisses me off sometimes. :D :D

Thanks N7SLC, Microsoft pisses me off as well. I have been trying to get rid of this pop up stuff. I really never knew about it until a friend told me.I will remove all the MSN links until I get something better figured out. Sorry and Thanks. :)

I have been riding KTM 4 strokes since 2001. Bought a 2004 wr450 and finally got to ride it in the trees and in some technical off camber trails. The wr is a very top heavy feeling bike compared to a KTM. WR also feels very wide with knee braces on. I was also having a lot of trouble getting the bike to shift into first. Hopefully I can over come these issues. :)

Rocky Mountain racer - From a long time KTM owner - The Yamaha suspension alone will make you a believer. If KTM get their suspensions on track then their 4-stroke will be back in the hunt again.

I am guessing you have not ridden an'04.Many a previous '03 KTM owner has stated the dramatic improvements to the '04 lines suspenders.

Actually, I have ridden TWO '04 525's. Still not close to Honda or Yamaha with their suspension. One 525 had a Novation valving system in it and it was MUCH better than stock.

I think KTM will prove my unrest with their suspension on the '05 models with some drastic changes. Wait and see.

I got to test a new '04 ktm450exc on the ice few months ago, compered to my WR it has no power!!! I was surprised how powerless it was :)

The KTM450 exc is a great eastern trail bike.

It feels so much lighter than any WR. Take the gas tank, seat and muffler off your WR and that is what a electric start KTM feels like with a full tank of gas! A KTM will whoop a WR in the woods any day.

On the other hand they are NOT moto machines. A WR does pretty good on even big jumps. The KTM is out of it on an MX track. The WR rules the sand whoops too. Just keep it out of the tight woods or you will be chasing KTM taillights.

The 5 valve Yammie motor kicks butt for sure. Even the 525's can't dust my 2000 WR400 with WR timing. I'm afraid to ride a YZ450. (Weekend toy - no comments please!!)

LOL! I'll keep quiet ,I've been taught a lesson many times by WR400's :) especially in the open stuff :D

I just love the high speed handling of the WR450! Huge difference in bottom end power as well. Stability in nasty rocks, deep sand and blazing down fire roads you cant beat the WR450! Rode the KTM 450 and 525 and just could not wait to get back on my bike. You just cant beat the Yamaha motor! It can be lugged way down low. :)

Indy 450 WR

INDY, Get back on your medicine !!!!!

See you at Coal Creek


2003 Yamaha 450WR SOLD

2004 KTM 450 EXC SOLD

2004 Honda 250 CR- O SO LIGHT

Well, unless they jettison the linkless setup, I don't think it will measure up. I had a 250EXC, and the rear suspension just plain sucked in the whoops, even after a WER revalve. I want to like KTM's for the sake of differentness, but they lost me with the suspension.

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