Engine Noise Left Side

Hi, first post, sorry that this was my intoduction. A little history is in order I guess. I've owned a crf450x, and a Husky TE450, previous to thE '14 WR450f I just picked up. Changing the oil on my previous 450's have been different in that the oil filters have all been located on the left side not the right. While looking for the filter on the Yamaha I was looking for it on the left side. I pulled a cover off, and it had some gears inside that came out with the cover. I didn't see any timing marks on them other than the cover had a divot at 12 o'clock. I put it back and now I've been getting a noise only under accelerating. While stopped at idle the sound is gone. I've downloaded a couple of manuals but their isn't anything pointing me in the right direction. Any advice would be great. Hopefully attached file works.


Didn't add this has a z start rekluse clutch.

2016-06-09 07.26.09.png

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I've taken it off again and made sure all washers and gears sets are in place as they seem they should be. I'll try a ride later and see if anything changed. I don't believe it'd be nois coming from the chain or countershaft sprocket, because it was a new noise. I'll update later today.

That is the starter gears. Pull off the cover and gear. Put the gear and shaft on first. Make sure you have the washer on per a diagram parts list. Then put the cover on.

Edit: YZ shouldn't have starter gears.

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Thanks for the help Steve, I'll try it this evening.

Thanks Stevethe, took it for a ride, and the noise is gone.

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