98 xr600 stiff trottle

I have a 99 yz400f and swapped bikes with my xr riding bud

i noticed he has a very stiff trottle.Giving you arm pump

after a couple of twists.He said he has always had this problem before and after carb and exhaust mods.Has push pull

tupe trottle.He's had it all apart with no signs of defects,slide,cables and trottle.Seems worse with engine running with vacuum pulling against slide.Any suggestions Thanks,Pete

needs grease on the bars under the throttle

needs throttle back out 1/4inch or so from end of bars

needs new cables

needs varnish removed from slide

cables kinked under the tank


Thanks for the reply, I will inspect and check all those items.If it had a snappy trottle the bike would rip,Thanks


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