What are the stock tubes in a 2012 WR450F?

Hey guys,


Anyone know what sort of tubes are in a stock 2012 WR450F?

I need to change the rear tyre for the first time (still has stock rear tyre) and was thinking about getting a

heavy duty tube but the current tube has nothing wrong with it, never goes down, never had a flat.


Is this because they already come out with heavy duty tubes?


Also have any of you ever tried a Pirelli Heavy duty tube?

I run Pirelli tyres and they're great so I assume their tubes are awesome as well, would like to know what you guys think though.




They come stock with standard tubes.


110-140/80-100-18 DUNLOP tube



TUBE 120/90-18
(110-140/80-100-18 M/C),DUNLOP

Should be thin stock Dunlop type tubes. Not thick.

Ok thanks guys, will definitely throw a heavy duty tube in as I don't feel like fixing a flat in the bush. 

Be aware that heavy and ultra heavy tubes generate a lot of heat and friction when used at speed, especially when the pressures are low. Just something to be aware of and keep an eye on :)

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