JD Jet Kit Install on 2004 WR450 - Where does that C-clip go???

New '04 WR450 with GYT-R exhaust insert, YZ throttle stop, grey wire mod, and soon to be JD Jetting kit....run at sea level primarly in the desert/dunes.

Looking for some confirmation here. I just want to get it right the first time. I received my JD Jetting kit and upon reading was a bit confused. #4 states "Install the kit's BLUE needle with the C-clip in the 4th from top groove (middle) unless otherwise noted below." but, the 4th is crossed out and 3rd has been inserted. If I am correct in my assumption the C-clip should actually go in the fourth (4th) groove which is the middle groove. It appears the change was made to read "3rd down from the top groove" so people would not install the clip in the 5th groove.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

3rd is the third groove from the top. 4th the middle. I've heard they updated it from the 4th to 3rd. Too many people were getting a stutter from 1/4 to 1/2 steady throttle.

If I were you I'd try both pos. and see which one feels better. Also try the red needle as the temps are rising and you are probably going to need to use it soon.

Anyone have a suggestion for a 12 volt outlet on a 2004 WR450? I will use it to power a GPS, and to attach a battery tender for winter storage.

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