Rear bearing problem

Ok my bike is a 2012 WR 450 I just replaced the rear tire bearings for the second time in less than a week and I keep getting this problem soon as I replace the Bearing and put the wheel back on tighten everything then give the wheel a little shake back and forth there's a little play so much u can hear the clicking its between the wheel spacer and the hub on the rim.. Any suggestions..........

Are you sure the play is in the bearings and not the hub? Do you have to press the bearings in the hub or do they slide freely?

I need to press them in

I need to press them in

Check your axle for signs of wear. Are you using OEM bearings?

No I'm using all balls and another brand I forget what it was

I was looking at it again I can see a little gap between the wheel spacers and the hub? Did you ever hear of the wheel spacers wearing down ?

Any one?

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