What's going on here...

Just bought a YZ426, new from dealership. I'm breaking her in with caution and babying her for the first tank, half throttle and all. The problems comes in when the bike had only two hours on it. I had checked the oil level the next day and the dealership had put too much oil in upon prep stage. Alright now I'm thinking about gaskets blowing or something else. There was oil oozeing down from the head gasket area. I brought it back the next day and they wouldn't let me back in the service area, so I can't say what exactly they did. (by the way I know about the dry sump oil level checking process) Anyway they had kept them for 4-5hrs. in their shop. When I picked them up they said all they had to do was "drain the oil and refill". When I ask about the gaskets they said they were not harmed. I do not consider my self a mechanic but understand basics of engines. *** THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING*** I askes where the oil is coming from and thay said there is an over flow hose coming out of the valve cover. Then when I get it home I took it around the block a few times then parked in the garage, only to find a white foam dripping from the over flow hose they were refering too. I have ridden it two more times and happens everytime but only oozes after it sits. I know that the foam comes from gas or water mizing with the engine oil. The dip stick looks normal like honey but why is this happening??? Please advise fellow thumpers, I'm pretty new to this seen.

Is there something I should look for or be carefull of?

Any information is greatly appreciated!!!

Ride the crap out it and don't worry. Yamaha's have a 30 day warranty, if it breaks it's on them. If there's a problem, now is the best time to find out. Twist the throttle, the bike is broken in now.

Finally a responce- Thanks!!

My dealership tells me there is not a warranty at all on the YZ426F. Is there a difference in dealership and Yamaha warranties? Like I said I am new to this seen. Been riding all my life but never bought new until the 426 came out and it was a must. The bike runs great at the moment. There is only about two table spoons of white ooze that comes out, could that be cleaning it's self out from too much oil?

Or do you think it is something else? (impellerwise)

I'm not loosing coolant and oil dip stick looks fine so what makes this white stuff?

Do you know of any tests I would be able to run like a compression test?

Like I said greatful for any other information-

Especially on warranties-

I don't know what the white stuff is, but I think I read on this site before that it's nothing to worry about. Just ride it and change oil every 2 rides. Also clean the oil filter every oil change until the metal particles stop showing up on it, after that check it every other oil change. Yamaha is the only brand that gives the customer a warranty (30days) on motocross bikes. I beleive they pay the dealer the cost of parts and labor when warranty work is done.

I won't comment on the over filling of th oil sump. That is an issue between you and your dealer. As to the second issue of spooge seeping from the head vent tube, this is pretty normal. This venting is comparable to your automobile's PCV system. As the piston reciprocates, there are alternating pressure pulses in the the crankcase that must be vented. Otherwise, there would be incredible pressures and vacuums pulses that would wreak havoc within the cases.

For the question of oil reservoir quantity, warm the engine thoroughly, drain at the frame tank and engine case, clean or replace the filter, and refill with 1700cc of oil. To accurately check the oil level, warm the engine thoroughly first and then check.

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