Upper triple clamp compatability

I have an RG3 top triple clamp/rubber mount setup on my WR and love it. I'd like to put one on my 01 YZ426. What years/displacements are the same spacing/offset/diameter?

Go to a site like partsfish.com, look up the OEM clamp for the bike the RG3 clamp is off of and cross-reference the OEM part number to see what other makes/models it will fit.

What year was the WR?  The 426 had 46 mm forks.  WR's got 48 mm forks as of '05 (YZ's were 48 in '04).  Offsets were the same, so if your WR is an '04 or earlier, they'll swap.

WR is a 2003. It came with stock forks and an RG3 top triple. I later found an 05 YZ250F front end off a supermoto track bike and swapped that... with RG3 top and bottom clamp (had to swap stem but that's it). So at this point I have the 03 WR450 RG3 top clamp around. I'm glad to hear that it should fit the 426. 


I'm surprised that a 4 point rubber mount setup isn't more common.

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