Do you grease your air filter lip????

I am wondering how many of you grease your air filter lip. I do it because I have always been taught to do it.

But,it is messy and I don't like to do it. I have heard good things about the pro seal gasket that takes the place of greasing. Do any of you use this?? By looking at the way that the cage and the airbox is designed, it looks as if a properly oiled filter wouldn't leak, even without using grease.

As of now, I'm still smearing grease. Tell me what the rest of you do.

Yes, I lightly grease my lip.

Hmmm...that sounds kinky.

I grease mine, too, with white lithium grease. I know it does look like it seals ok without it, but I do the grease as a precautionary measure especially if I am riding in an area known to have more dust than usual.

Been doing it for years.

Yup sure do, helps to make sure it seals so no dirt gets in.

No-Toil products make life a whole lot easier. Now I actually clean my oil filter after every race. I will never use anything else. Just try it and you will see what I'm talking about. Always grease your lip!!


I bought the Pro-seal while I was at JM racing picking up my suspension. I'm oh-so-happy. No more grease. No muss, no fuss! Works great.

Highly recommended. I no longer dread cleaning my air filter. I have been checking the boot for signs of dust when I clean but have not seen any.

BTW - I'm going to Highlands today at about 2PM to ride if you want to call in sick!

Steve T

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Oh boy I got this one, Greasing the Air filter goes back to the flinstones time. This is one of those very old but truths in Life.

I have always greased the Air filter lip on all my Bikes.

Its always good to keep some grease handy ya never know when you will need to grease them Lips :)

To answer your question. Yes I do.

grease grease baby :)

I used to grease it with waterproof grease. I no longer do it since I bought pro seal kits for all my bikes. Even though the grease seals, it also traps more dirt and makes cleaning the airfilter and airbox a pain. I also have a airfilter cage cover. I now can safely clean the airbox with the water hose without having to take the airbox off the bike.

I believe the cover is from acerbis but I do not remember. I bought it from rockymountain a while back.

I just put the pro seal on the beast a month ago, and after 2 filter changes, NO sign of anything getting past the filter!

NO grease!

I also use the outerwears pre-filter, so my air box is clean any way.... but it still looks like the p-c racing seal works great!

I would recomend it!

Grease baby Grease!!! YES!!! Just one little particle could ruin your whole day. And your engine.

I use grease (usually the bel-ray waterproof stuff) and while the filter is soaking in cleaner I clean my air box out to keep in neat. All you need is some latex gloves, a bucket and sponge and some pinesol floor cleaner. That pinesol really does a nice job with oil and grease. Just use about 1/4 cup or so in a gallon of water and sponge out the air box. When you rinse the bucket there isn't even an oil ring around it! Works great on the garage floor too! :)


Dan Lorenze

Chk you PM please

NO! GREASE! Do not use grease, use "PRO SEAL". And for those of you that do, "STOP" using grease. You do not need that crap after you apply the "PRO SEAL", try it you will like it "GUARANTEED" :)

And get a cover to put in place of the air filter when washing. This is the new way to go, "NO MORE GREASE, NO MORE MESS" :D

I've been using "PRO SEAL" for about two years, with absolutely "NO PROBLEMS" :D And those of you that ride at TCTRI, know this place has more dust than anywhere else you will find.

"PRO SEAL" and "WASH COVER" the only way to go, this is 2002 :D


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I don't use anything (grease or Pro Seal). I've always felt that careful installation of the filter is most important. If it's installed so that the filter seats all around, and the lip is oiled the same as the rest of the filter, I can't see how dirt can get by (unless there's a defective design, like the CR/CRF had this year).

I use PC Racing's filter skins (oiled), though....great product, In My Humble Opinion (IMHO). No dirt gets in my motor.

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I don't grease the air filter lip either. I agree with holeshot...I do make sure there is filter oil saturated on the lip however. I've never seen any sign of dirt getting near the inside of the lip or worse inside the intake.

I think I will try the Pro Seal stuff. Sounds like alot of your are conviced it works good...can't go wrong there.

Having lost several CR500 motors w/o greasing and none with, grease it. I bought a Pro Seal too, its great. Expensive for what it is though. I believe it could be done cheaper, if thought about.

The cheap guy, easy way, most simplistic method (besides using No-Toil) is to spray a sticky chain lube around the lip of the filter. It seals and sticks.


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