Spring Rates for a 220 pound motocross rider

I just picked up a 02 426, the first thing I did was order some Race tech fork and shock springs for it, I asked the mechanic what stiffnes rate he reccomended and for the rear he reccomended a 5.8 kg/mm. I figured he knew what he was talking about but now I am getting a little worried that it will be too stiff. I ride at the track all the time and I ride resonably fast.

Are any of you 200 pound plus guys running a 5.8 kg/mm spring?

Mike, I'm 225 and run a 5.8 spring that Factory Connection recomended for me and it's fine. In fact, its a very plush ride and you'll be able to get your sag set without squishing down your spring too far.

I just bought a new YZ426 01' and weight around 215lbs-

What type of ajustments would you guys recommend for front and rear?

What is the ideal weight limit for this bike?

I assume you guys have adjusted the spring compression on your bikes, how many complete turns have you done in order to stiffin'?

Do I need to replace parts also?

I'm only a free rider and not a competative racer-


Grashoper250- what size front springs are you using?

Sweet, the race tech 5.8 is in the mail, thanks a lot.

I use .49 in front with 7wt. fork oil with the level set at 105mm from the top. I also use Factory Connection compression base bolts.

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