Nflr needle in an 04yz450?

Hey everyone, I recently purchased an 04 yz450f. It's not running right, swapped the carb in from my buddy's 04 and it ran way better (could use some adjusting though). Swapped his jets into my carb and retested to make sure it's a jet issue and not the carb. Runs well. So I've been doing a bunch of reading and somehow got it in my head that people are putting nflr needles in their 2004? So off I went to the Yamaha dealer and ordered some new jets along with an nflr needle and needle jet/nozzle. Will this needle work in my carb or did I flush 50$ down the drain?


The needle jet (emulsion tube) is a wear item, and will oval-out from the jet needle, causing strange jetting issues.

Replace it too.


Then you can evaluate your running condition and your needle better.


Think about replacing the slide plate seal too while you are at it.

For sure, I figured it would be smart to order that tube along with the needle. The nflr needle and tube I ordered are out of an 07 though. Just wondering if they will even work in this carb?

Does anyone know if the 07 nflr needle and nozzle that I ordered will work on my 04 or am I waiting for parts to come in that aren't going to even fit? I'll order a stock needle and nozzle if need be. Please let me know. Thanks

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