Wiring turn signals and strange connector

Sorry for more posts on electrics but I am learning and have been doing research on it. I have worked out what electrical switches and components I want to fit to my bike but I'm now trying to understand how to wire it up so that I can see what other connectors and bits I need to buy. 


I have watched the Rockymountain youtube video on how to wire the tusk headlight switch so I think I should be okay with the headlight switch but I'm not sure were to start with the turn signals. Does anybody have a link to a video or guide on how to wire in turn signals? Most videos show replacing turn signals that are already wired in.


I have soldering, crimping, and electrical products and have used these before when repairing wires or fitting new connectors etc but I am not educated on the basics of wiring diagrams and how the circuits should go. Does the turn signals need to go to a flasher and then the switch?


Also behind my headlight I found a connector that has a plastic blanking cap on it. I am wondering what this is and what it is used for, does anybody know anything about this connector? Could it have anything to do with turn signals?



I have done a bit of a search but can't find out what this spare connector is supposed to go to. Have you guys got this connector on your bike behind the headlight?

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