What Aluminum Handguards to Buy?

I'm going to be purchasing handguards soon, and was wondering which ones TT members would recommend? Hopefully I won't need to cut down my clutch lever.

Hey Maniac,

It really depends on what the application is going to be. If you are going to ride track then you really only need roost guards. They are light weight but don't provide any impact protection.

I do a mix of riding and I have introduced myself to a tree or two...In this application I like the Acerbis with the Aluminum strut built in (bonded) to the plastic.

Only others I'd recommend are the moose, triple clamp mounted, ones. They are pretty tough...

Remember, they will all bend if hit hard enough...Mine are doing pretty well given the impacts they've taken. Thankfully they've saved my hands from taking that same abuse.

IMHO, the Acerbis look the best too :)


I don't bleed, I just ooze blue goo...

I agree that the Acerbis Pro Rally look the best.

However, (yes they will all bend if hit hard enough) the Acerbis don't hold a candle to the Cycras for strength. The triple clamp mount option also seems to help alot.

I've not tried any others yet and the Cycras are about the most expensive. But, if you get the Acerbis, bring a some allen wrenches and a crow bar with you on the trail. You'll need them whenever you set the bike down hard.

In reguards to lever guards, I like all plastic guards for one reason: Just brushing trees the plastic ubsorbs the shock alot better than guards w/aluminum bonded within.

One nice thing about plastic guards is that they do "absorb" impact. They will tend to find their original shape better after getting mangled, too.

But they really can't be considered "lever" guards. And they will only protect your hands from roost or maybe light brush. In a serious impact (rocks/trees), they would not deflect potential injury/damage to hands and levers very well.

neWRiver: Thats RIGHT, speaking from experience. have you heard anything about the blue wire thing?

I also agree with the Acerbis comments I have had a set on my 01' for over a year now and they have fended off plenty of trees up here in the michigan woods. In addition you can't beat the lever and perch protection I have a set on my old IT 200 as well and haven't broken a lever or perch in over 8 years. Nothing is worse than setting it down lightly only to pick it up and find a broken perch or lever to ruin your weekend.

I use the CYCRA PROBEND . It has a very nice setup with an adjustable link for mounting and it comes with plastic Roost Guards that mount onto them. They fit awsome and are easy to install. Check This out www.cycra.com


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I had the plastic Acerbis on mine and broke one in half, not impressed. I put the pro rally guards on with the aluminun in side the plastic. They have bent and moved and the levers go flying and now stock length levers do not fit. I straightened them and mahined out new mounts for the triple clamps and new mounts for the bar ends. Then welded the end mount to the guard, because the end was wrecked. I haven't got to crash it yet since I did this but I think my results will be much better.

I also run the Acerbis Rally Pros. I have had extremely good luck with them, however I did bend them a little after an extremely hard fall (5th gear half tapped.) I had to cut the ball off the clutch lever to make them fit. They have held up extremely good though, I would recommend them.

if you do buy the full wraparound plast guards. Dont but anything but Acerbis. The others just dont last. I have seen so many other brands break and my Acerbis (non aluminum lined) bark busters just keep poping back for more punishment. I swear by them. Ive had them on 3 bikes now and never broke one yet.

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