Branson MO. riding areas?

I'm going to be in Branson MO around the first weekend in April. Anyone know of any good riding areas close to there? I just want to know if I should bring a bike.

Thanks :)

Thanks XRCaveman!

That's just the type of info I was looking for!



Yes, Chadwick is where you want to go. North on 65 from Branson to Ozark. Exit right onto 14 hiway through Ozark. After you pass through Sparta the road will fork, go right there also toward Oldfield and Chadwick. You have to stop at Kay's Store in Chadwick (left side of the road) and buy a riding permit. $5.00 per bike, per day. Get a map while your there and check out the deli, very good sandwiches when you've been riding for several hours. And directions on to H hiway and the campgrounds. Chadwick use area is a big place, take the map and plenty of water with you. Rough, rocky, fast, straight up, straight down, creek bottom, mud, yep it's all here. :)

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