250 sxf rebuild :/

Wondering if anyone has opinions on crank rebuilds . Got a basket case Ktm and my stumbling blocks is the crank . I've heard hotrods and Weisco are now being made in China :( what's a good crank kit to put in , or do I rebuild the stock crank with a new rod ?. Now which rod ? Std or aftermarket? Any advice would be schweeet cheers

I believe Www.crankworks.com is reputable. Maybe contact them and see where their bearings are made. I unfortunately do not have any experience with them, maybe some others on here have. Good luck and have fun with the cycle.

I can tell you that I have rebuilt countless motors with Hotrods cranks and always had good luck (used to do it for a living).  I stopped doing them on the side about a year ago, the last motor I did was an '08 CRF450 with a  Hotrods crank with a big-bore kit, the crank was very well built and the build went great.

Rebuilt a 2014 250sxf using a Hot Rods Rod kit. Done 30hrs. and no problems. Main thing is to have Rod fitted by a reputable crank builder.

Crankworks has a nice con rod, but it doesn't come with pin or bearings :s

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