Tall Seat Kit???

My son is real tall with long legs. Does someone still make a tall seat kit for tall people? Extra thick tall seat foam with a seat cover to match.


Mat want to check here for starters, there is some add on foam kits, Not sure here but maybe


Sorry wrong url

also look for ceet not sure of web site maybe some one here can help

Good luck

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Moose has a complete tall seat for about $89 and it should be available now. SDG should also have the complete seat and probably makes the Moose seat.



Ceet makes a tall seat foam. It's called the "Henry Replica,High". I use it, and love it. I'm not all that tall, just lazy. And it helps me get up and off the seat. And you can also get there gripper seat cover for there foam. Mine had no seams or writing, so it went on like a glove. In all, it took me about 15 minutes to remove the old cover and install the new one. I highly recommend it.

How about Devol/GUTS foam? Anyone tried theirs?

I have bought both Ceet and Devol/GUTS tall foam and the Devol/GUTS is slightly taller.

Only problem, I dont know where to tell you to go to get it.

I just have my dealer order it for me. :)

I'm using the Henry high replica and it is great!

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