Twin Air or Triaga throttle body parts?

Has anyone used either of these companies throttle body parts? Considering this or sending my throttle body off to remove some of the bottom end jerky response and hopefully gain some in the mid and upper part of the power spread. The bike is a 13 450 and seems barky down low and signs off early for my taste. I currently have a full FMF exhaust system, Hot Cams builder series cams that are spec'd for more mid to top power and I currently have a GYTR tuner, GYTR piston and running VP T4.


*Pipe made very little difference as far as the barkyness down low

*Cams helped more with the power up top and seemed to let the motor pull longer, and harder...again not much for the barkyness but might have helped a small amount

*The combination of the cams and VP T4 seemed to do more for the power up top than the pipe or tuner (seems the tuner cannot do a whole lot as Yamaha has it programed so someone cant get their bike all out of whack and tear up something bc of some obsurd tune they created)


Anyone have any imput on these companies parts or throttle body mods other than Injectioneering? I would rather not chance having the same issues with that guy that some have had, I would rather send my throttle body to someone else. I posted a similiar thread on Vital but after lots of readers there has been no one offering advice, as of yet anyways. Almost forgot I had a user name on here as I have only been lurking lately.

Before you send your throttle body out, try slightly adding more fuel and slightly retarding ignition timing right off the bottom

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