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I am trying to reset my Trip Meter on this bike, and you have to turn it backwards for it to reset? It's bad enough to get my hand in there. I thought it would work like on the 4 wheeler where the numbers turn at one time and they align. So after just a few turns it would read zero. Is this thing messed up? Is anyone else experiencing this?

Dennis :)


The reset knob is stone-age. I replaced the knob with one for a TTR250. It is twice the diameter and fits the shank, makes resetting the odometer a snap. I went for a 95 mile ride on Saturday and it took less than 2 minutes to reset back to zero.

Are you pulling the knob out before turning it back?




oops, just re-read your question - disregard my previous post. I think Geoff has the right answer :-)




Dump the stock odo. POS!

Too much work...go with a Panoram! :)

<a href=http://www.trailtech.net>Panoram Website</a>

Did you find this easy to install? In your opinion has this thing been reliable?


No problems, if you have a problem, trail tech is quick to correct it. Can't go wrong with product or service.

I have nothing but good things to say about Geoff's kit. This is a must have!

I had my first ride with Geoff's kit last Saturday (I got it this winter, installed it & finally got out riding).

My opinion: lose the stock odometer! I'll be putting the Trailtech on all my future rides. One of the best 'bang for the buck' parts I've bought.

Here is my solution with resetting the trip ometer. I have lengthen the reset knob with a glue stick from a glue gun so I can reach it from the left side. I have also attached a knob with a nut inside. It makes it very easy to reset the trip meter with a cordless drill and a suitable hex shank drill bit



I understand the problem, but it is most likely intended for Enduro use, where resets are not always to zero. Sometimes it has to be reset only a tenth or two forward or back. An odometer that only resets to zero in one or two turns would be useless for that application.

Oh man are you kididng me, I cant belive this, hold on,,,,,,,, wow its true you have to sit there and roll it back one tenth at a time. Well mine had 600 plus miles on it when I got it and I was not abut to sit there and roll it back. I got an easy out, left handed drill bit lookin thing, and chucked it into my cordless and tapped it into the Odometer knob. I held the knob out with a 11mm wrench and let the dirll do its thing in high speed. I used low once it hit the 20 Mi mark. What a pain. In hind site at 600 miles I should have just used a regular drill bit and went forward :). Oh well at least it has an odometer. I dont think I will pay to put another one one it, of corse I have a magnetic electornic one for my bicycle, I just have to program in the wheel size in mm and it tracks MPH and RPM too if I can get one on the fly wheel at the timing port with some blue gue silicone,,,,, hmmm will it work at 95 MPH and 10,000 RPM???? stay tuned sports fans!!!!!

Geoff, it sounds like your unit is pretty good. I am curious if it can be programmed with average speeds and mileage marks minute by minute like a roll chart. In other words, is it like an Enduro computer? Will it advise when to speed up or slow down? Most of the Enduro computers do this, but then they cost $300-400.

I was once a so-called "brain dead" desert racer, but am just now learning to timekeep for possible D-37 Enduro use. I will need a tool that can do this.

PS: just answered part of my own question at your website. It does not say if it will handle multiple speed average changes in one program. Can you elaborate? Will it warn of possibles? Anyone in D37 Enduro using this that you know of?


I own one of Geoff's kits and think it's awesome, but not for what your doing. Timekeeping in a D-37 enduro is an art I've yet to master. I've had some big get-offs trying to read my ICO at speed and can't seem to ride and think about time at the same time. I just hope I get on a row with someone who knows what they are doing.

I have the trailtech on the bike until it's enduro time. Hope this helps.

Yeah, Ron. It does help. I hear what you are saying about riding and reading at the same time. When you have to calculate rate/time stuff as well, you have your hands full. My family and I belong to an Enduro club (Training Wheels MC), and everyone there recommends learning by the manual method first, then going computer. I am doing that in monthly club events first, then computer, then will probably switch to District. It's a lot different than bomb runs and riding WFO the whole race (although it does have its moments). Thanks.

O.K. you guys, You all made me feel bad so I got the trailtech Panoram computer for my WR.

I installed it and with the help of a friend programed it but as of yet haven't rode the bike yet.. hope I am as happy with it as all of you other guys.


Guys, Im with you on the stocker being a POS, I once went on a 500mi ride and when it came time to reset the ODO after the ride it took me at least 15 minutes to reset the thing. I went out a got a Pacemaker 3 which does everything for me, you can also program resets too, it has a dual-sport mode that gives you a complete dashboard of info with a huge LED read out. On the Panoram I think you can only reset to zero? This is what my dad tells me after he purchased the unit and is unhappy with it.


What is the web site for the pacemaker 3?


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