Removing the mainshaft from a 2002 WR426

Hey all. So I have to remove the mainshaft on my WR, replace some parts, and put it back in. This is my first time doing a project of this scale, or on the crank case at all. Does anyone know of a walkthrough that exists, or would be willing to give me any advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Heres some pictures of what I have to get into. Can anyone roughly show/tell me what all I have to take apart and take off? Thanks in advance.


Download the factory service manual from Yamaha's website

As Krannie recommends-buy a service manual for your bike. Though the work itself is not too difficult you will need to reference the manual for aligning the timing chain, vibration dampener, and several other key things that have to be set up right. You could probably find a free manual on-line but I like reading while I'm sitting on the couch and having an on-line manual just does not do it for me.

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