Winter Mods Done! All New Bars, Guards, Grips etc..

Hi Guys,

Well I'm finally done with my Winter Modifications. I went wild (well not as wild as some of you guys in the TT Forum)

I added on the BajaDesigns Engine Guard $50.00, (That went on very easy) I also rolled the dice and went for some aftermarket handelbars, don't ask me why because there was nothing wrong with the bars I had from the factory, I guess I upgraded them because I could. I went with 1 and 1/8th inch Renthal "FatBars" CR High Bend, Titanium color for $59.95 - In order to make them fint I went with the TAG Universal Bar Mounting kit for $59.95 -(The install fit and finish of the Bars and Clamp kit was great and easy to do) The Acerbis Frame Guards for the XR600 fit nicely on the 650L at $26.99 - For budget purposes I went with the RockymountainMC TUSK D-Flex Handguards / Barkbusters at $49.99 they are identical in looks to the 100 dollar MotoNation Wackers in the same catalog. For the oversized bars you need the Tusk D-Flex big bar adaptors for $14.99 - (This is were I had my problems, these babies proved tuff to get on, don'g get me wrong it's not the product it was the installer (me!) two hours laters of put together, tweak, take back off and try again etc..) In the end finally I got them on and adjusted properly! Grips as you can see in my 3rd pic I tried the Serfas Dual Compound gel "Spider Grips" They are only available at a couple of places on the internet, luckly I got mine from BajaDesigns fr $14.95- Lastly mirrors, I got a set of the Dual Stars from you guessed it "Dual Star" for $16.95 each. It's true that you do lose some visability with the smaller mirrors but at least I won't be breaking any from here on out.

Post Install comments:

I love the extra highth of the bars and the adaptors provide, it's a totally different feel over the old factory. I was thinking that the handelbars although thicker then the 7/8th in bars would still vibrate with the lack of the traditional "crossbar" But that's not the case. As a matter of fact I don't miss the "crossbar" at all, it actually provides more room and visibaility in that area.

Through in the Thor glove, tire bead buster and Msr Tool pak and I'm down $380.00 for the year. Overall I'm very happy with the winter project, Now bring on that good weather I'm ready for it!


Pic1 Pic2 Pic3


I like the mirrors. I just did alot of the same mods. Went with the Pazzaz oversized bars and the adaptor (bars were on sale for 30 bucks and adaptor was 25) and the same CR high bend. It is so much nicer than the stock, easier to stand up and nicer ride while sitting. I will have to get some of those mirrors, i like the low profile look. I also got a skid plate from Devol, but it doesn't come up as high as I would like (thats what I get for ordering it off the net and not touching it first). Hope everything works as good as it looks... :)

Good job. Looks clean, too. It's definitely worth every do/redo that takes place when trying to improve upon an already well-made machine.

Nothing like doing it yourself & taking your time. One, you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself. And two, you learn more about your bike and how to customize it for your riding style. :)

Now I'm thinking of going with the oversize bars next time.... :D

Thanks for the replies, yep it's always cool to be on the recieving end of the Kudos!! :)

Actually, I'm think of getting the Clark tank, and the rear fender next any more suggestions? :D

Great job Justin, your going to love those grips. I installed ProTaper Hi-CR's w/new Spider Grips and they really made a difference. The bars added more room in the cockpit.

Hope to ride with you soon.

Bigmike61, where did you find the Pazzaz fattie bars and mounts for those prices?????


Great looking bike. Where did you get those Dual-Star Mirrors. Look like they work well and really tucked in.


The bars and mounts were on sale at Bert's located in Azuza Ca. Normal price was a little less than Pro-Tapers. Mights check the net for their website.

1) Mirrors are at

2) "2000" sounds good, we need to get together and ride again.

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