how to wash with no pressure

well my used to be shiny bike is dirty and i really dont want to use a pressure washer on it yet untill i get some serious mud on there. i just wanna use a regular hose. what kind of cleaning products would you all recommend and how should i use them?

I recommend HoleShot dirt bike cleaner. And no, I have no affiliation with the company, I just like how it makes my bike shine!

Wet your bike with the old garden hose.

Spray the nasty bits with HoleShot and then rinse again with the garden hose.

If you still want to clean further - then dump a few ounces of HoleShot into a bucket and fill with water. Use a sponge and small brushes to finish the job then spray off and dry.

Now go out and get it all dirty again and repeat.

Simple green and one of those bug scrubber sponges. Also, the Armor All Cleaner is awesome stuff but it is a little more expensive than SG however, back when YZs were while that was about the only stuff that would get the ground in dirt stains out of the tank.

Sorry bout the typo, I meant to say "back when YZs were White"

where can i get holeshot and simple green at? :)

I had been using Simple Green for a while and liked the way it cleaned, however, someone told me that it was hell on some aluminum alloys. I stopped using it for that reason. The stuff is a bit too acidic for me to feel comfortable spraying it on the entire bike.

Plus - I didn't like my bike smelling like an orange grove. :)

lol, i think ill just be usin it on the plastic. but now i have an oil question....mobil 1 red cap is 15/50 correct? or does the "red cap" come in different kind of grades? and if so what grade should i get? 15/50? im about to make a run to wal-mart to make my first oil purchase for this bike :)

I heard about simple green on TT and went out and got some, it works great! It smells good when you put it on but after it dries you cant really smell it, at least i cant. I bought a spray bottle and a 1 gallen bottle of it. If i really feal like doin a good job i put a little consentrate in a bucket with water and scub it on. But usually i just wet the bike, mist it on using the spray bottle, scrub it, and spay it off. It even takes the dirt off the header that gets burnt on. I really like this stuff and think it works great, but then again i have never used anything else :) .

Has anyone ever tried spraying PAM on their bikes before riding in mud or black dirt? I tried WD40, waist of time and cleaning adgent.

ha! put pam on it then we can take out our air filter screen and start em up and cook food on em too! :)

I've heard of pam under the fenders on muddy days to keep the mud from building up, that's about all I've heard it used for.

As for washing, I use a sponge and car soap (turtle wax brand I think). Works great. Here the mud turns into rock with super glue properties if you don't wash it off quickly. I don't know about your area, but the key here is to get it off before it sits overnight.

I do use a pressure cleaner but it's really only good for under the fenders and other big areas where there are no seals, etc.. Very good when the mud is thick though. Just my $.02.

Simple green DOES NOT harm aluminum. I have been using it for probs on aluminum.

I know for a fact that the Air Force was using SG around aircraft parts for a while after it first came out (env friendly and such) but because it can be corrosive to aluminum and some other metals/alloys we had to stop using it for many applications. That said, I've been using it on bikes for about 10 years and it hasn't caused any metal failures or blemishes on my scoots.

Just about any store carries SG. Check for it in the auto section and also with the soaps and stuff for cleaning kitchens/baths.

If you cut your SG 50/50 w/water you can get twice as much for the $ and it won't smell as strong (but still works good).

SG is ok on our bike aluminum, just don't let it dry on any metal or it may leave a weird stain streak. It's a great product for what we need!

should i get the concentrate or the spray??? :)

Just buy the spray bottle and use half and then cut or get another spray bottle and cut it with the water right away (to get double your amount for the same $). It won't hurt anything to use it full strength but I've had super results diluting it 50/50.

Call me simple, but I just use dish soap and water. Then a little straight Mop-N-Glow on a cotton cloth makes the plastic shine like new. By the way, I've also been thinking of spraying pam underneath the fenders too, but I keep forgetting to spray it on.

I work at a bike shop part time and of course I get to wash the bikes. We use MR.Clean( the green stuff) It works awesome and is cheap. we also use Soft scrubb on all the white to get the dirt out - it works awesome . For rust and stainless steel we use either CLR(found at just about any supermarket) or Eagle One Alloy wheel cleaner( found at auto parts stores. We soak the bikes with water and spray the Mr.Clean on them, then go over them with a soft sponge(scotch brite pads leave small scratches) then spray the bike with a pressure washer or a hose. Then we use WD-40 or Armoral on the Entire bike(We use WD-40 more than Armoral). Leave it nice and shiney and also makes washing your bike the next time a breeze. Also if you are going to wash your bike dont do it half-assed - pull the tank and airbox - there is a butload of dirt that gets up there. Also wash the bottom of the bike and the linkage. Oh yeah We use maxima degreaser on the inside of the airbox to get all the oily dirt out of the box. When the bike is drying spray the chain with wd-40 to got the water out of it and spray the bike with wd-40(except the brakes,DUH!!) and wipe down with a rag. your bike should look great when finished. :)

hey i meant the Yellow Mr.Clean ( i had a brain fart and it was a stinky one USE THE YELLOW) also I have used Pam under the Fenders and It works great But i used WD-40 since i spray my whole bike with it anyways. And for you all thinking about simple green I used it on my Towtruck bed and it was aluminum. worked great but if you let it dry it does leave a funny stain. hope my ideas helped

Hey Azman,

Is Butload an actual measurement? :)

In muddle conditions I use WD-40 up under myself.


Yes!! Pull your tank after riding a overwatered track( like we always have here in AZ) or after a nice ride in the desert.

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