Need help wiring!

I currently own a 2002 WR 426 motorcycle. I have a Acerbis LED HD vision headlight with a Tusk enduro kit installed. The problem I'm having is wiring the headlight to the switch and getting power from the motorcycle .. I purchased the bike with the headlight running with a different switch but removed it and installed the switch that came with the enduro kit! Any detailed instructions on wiring this would be greatly appreciated, trying to save a few bucks...

The power from the bike goes to the black wire in the headlight switch.

The white and blue go to the high and low beam wires on the headlight harness.


Assuming you have the switch below.



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Thanks for that information I understand that part,,, the question is what color are the wires on the bike for power

I believe it's yellow and green.


Better get out the multimeter...


The headlight wires will only be live when they bike is running... should be able to find them with that information.


They can be spliced into a single connector to plug into the switch black wire.

So would you disregard the stock 3 way connector a d just wire directly to the bulb?

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