hi all new to forum just getting my bearings , hopeing to find little info

just bought a wr450f  2006 model on a 55 plate , the bike has only 1 previus owner on book with

9 thousand kilometres on clock , that's one of the problems. only been on the bike twice and its ok pulls well and wheelis

no problem in third and fourth .the bike is very standard and think has been used for comuteing it starts hot or cold from kick start

the main problem is the electric start  the bike would not start off the button when purchased and was supplied with new battery so had no reason to disbelief

him fitted the battery still no joy bridged the starter solenoid and bike turns over no problem so replaced the solenoid still not perfect  but bike will now start intermittently

I would say 80 percent of the time .when it wont start it doesn't turn over and the relay under the seat clicks which suggest to me that's ok because its clicking

ie opening and closeing this is all while the stand is up and the bike is in neutral ,as I know there is sensors or relays on the clutch and stand ,any pointers  

or had this problem the help would be greatly appreciated thanks all

It could be your starter button on the handlebars. I have to wiggle the wires sometimes to get the button to work on my 06.

thanks ill look into it tried today to start it off the button sometimes nothing no clicking under seat just nothing then after a few trys  boom  it starts hope it is this does my head in knowing somethings not working correctly thanks

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