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Picked up a 2013 450 that I converted to a dual sport/supermoto. Everything was working fine untill I put on the supermoto wheelsand rode it for 20 or so miles but used the stock speed sensor as a spacer. I sent the sumo wheels into warp 9 to replace the hub with one that has the wr speedo drive. now when I put my dirt wheels back on the speedo reads 0 MPH. I have taken it out and greased it and still can't get it to read anything. Is the something that I can do to fix or or did I mess it up running it with sumo wheels?


My 2009 worked fine until I R&R my forks. I cleaned the heck out of the wheel side and it still just stays at zero. All OEM stuff on mine. I am not sure what the issue is. I am going to clean it all again and if it still doesn’t work, I am going to look for other options … I think.

Sorry I don’t have your answer but bump and in for any answers you get.


I just reread your post. I have heard others say to clean the grease out, maybe try that.

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Are you making sure the notches on the hub are lining up correctly with the speed sensor.


Look in the manual and it will show you a picture of how the notches have to line up.

There is a white plastic ring on the cable side of the front hub that has two small tabs.  When the front wheel turns, these tabs make contact with two metal tabs on the hub side and spin the cable.  If, when putting the wheel together, the plastic and metal tabs happen to be directly on top of each other, the plastic tabs will lose the battle and break off. (don't ask how I know....) The plastic ring is not sold separately, you will have to buy the entire assembly ($100+). My speedo has been reading 0 for months now because I'm too cheap to buy the assembly.


This is one possible problem, it may not be yours though.

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