question on cams

At the hot cams website it only shows 03' cams and i was wondering if an 03' cam would fit on my wr and would it have the same effects as the yz or atleast increase power some how over the stock wr.

It's right in the middle. It will improve power over a wr timed cam :)

Just imagine I am that annoying little paperclip thing with the bulging eyes (looks a bit like Bill G himself :D :D) from Micro$oft Word, and I just popped up on your desktop...

You seem to be looking for more power for your bike - would you like me to show you how?

For help finding out information about all the cams, power characteristics, timing etc, please click here

Basically, you can YZ time your existing cam, install a OEM 03 WR or YZ decomp exhaust cam, or install the HotCams unit... Or do nothing at all - your choice... :)

Good luck,


what year is your WR?

its an 04. what will give more power the yz or hotcams?

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