99WR400 in need of new head

My 99 WR400 is in need of a new head. Anyone have parts from a WR400, WR426, YZ400, or YZ426? I'm told the head is interchangeable.

Thanks for your help.

I posted this in the for-sale forum as well, but thought I might have better results here. Anyone ever get any repair work on the cylinder head? Thanks,


send it to edco.they can fix most anything.


Good advise!! check them out. They fixed my cam journals for less than $100.

My head just came back from ED. Work is great.

He opened intake cam journals.

Valve job.

Cleaned ports.

Other than the fact that it took a while and the exhaust valves were set .03 loose, a good experience.

My compression is way up and the bike runs great. I'm reluctant to change to YZ timing now. It explodes off the bottom. Lean back in 4th, grap a hanfull and straight up she goes!!


Just got mine back from Edco as well. They turned it in less than a week. I didn't think it was repairable because a broken valve did alot of damage, but it looks real nice. I haven't got it going yet because I discovered the cylinder was damaged as well, got one on order. However, I anticipate that the head will perform well.


I think I'll go this route and try to get it fixed. Thanks for the info.


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