Is my engine seized?

Long story short, I was riding my 2001 wr426 I was in 4th gear when the rear tire locked up. While I was decelerating quickly it started to run normal again then locked up and stopped completely. I pushed the bike about a mile so my buddy could pick me up. It was hard to kick but still turned over for awhile. I got home and put a wrench on the crank, at this time the kick would not move but the crank would turn. After removing the clutch basket and inspecting the kick gears everything appears normal and free spinning but still will not kick once clutch basket is reinstalled. I've read through forums and looked for info and similar things have come up but am unsure what to check next.

On another note if it is seized would it be a good idea to do a big bore or Port it? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Tranny is locked up,    split the cases and find out why.

Yup, somthing in tranny gears. That means you lost a ball or cage piece from a bearing. You will be removing engine and splitting case, one or more bearings you will be pressing out and replacing. Or sell the bike for a grand.

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