Lubrication System

How does a yz426f lubrication system works? Do anyone have a diagram?

All YZF models up to the '14 YZ450F, and the 450 models based off the same engine (WR, FX) are dry sump oiling systems.


Basically, oil is kept in a separated tank or reservoir and pumped to where it's needed, then returned to the tank as it gathers in the bottom end.  Oil is delivered first to the filter, where it splits in the cover into one passage that feeds the crank through the right end of the shaft, and another that leads to the external oil manifold that feeds the transmission and the cams.


Anything specific you wanted to know? 

Untitled 3.png


How exactly does the piston gets lubrication lol

Oil thrown off at the rod bearing.  Most 4-strokes of any size do that.

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