Wr450f starting problems

Was riding yesterday after letting her sit for about a week or two, when I accidentally stalled and tried to start. This is where the issue began as it showed all symptoms of low power. Got the good old clicking noise, couple of times it managed to crank a little bit, but power slowly drained to the point where the screen would go dead and light would turn off when I tried to start. My fix was to take out the battery and recharge, but when I put it back in (after testing with multimeter showing a cool 11.9 V) the bike wouldn't even turn on. Less than before. I checked both fuses, both good. I am somewhat stupefied at why it won't even turn on anymore. It's also a practically brand new bike (2015). Please advise.

Battery's toast, try a new one or a friends.

Fully charged battery should show about 12.65 volts.


If it only shows 11.9 volts after you charged it you;

Didn't let the battery charge long enough,

Have a bad charger,

Have a bad battery.

Alright, I'll try charging the battery longer and then putting it back in. I'll update if it works, thank you!

A Volt meter reading 13V on a charged battery doesn't tell you much anyway without a load.

You can use a 12V headlight bulb as a load, Then look for 12V.


If you got 12v then probaly time to rebuild your starter motor.  I go thru mine once a year to keep the cumutator copper cleaned, bushing lubed, and brushes fresh. 

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Do the newer bikes not come with a kickstart?

Do the newer bikes not come with a kickstart?


Every year has kick.

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