HELP! posting pics

Ok , now i get the white box so i think im close whats the prob???

felix4_2_6 with the pixfun you have to upload the page to the album. Then right click on the pic and copy the address and fill in the tags with teh address accordingly.

xjmMAMmvXLnbDFJ.GIF and see if it works.


To Get you Pics in the correct way follow these simplpe instructions

1: PLace the Pic Face down Onto the Screen of you PC

2: Press the any key to down load to the server.

Oh Ya dont forget to place the Mouse on the floor, you have to work that with your foot while holding the Pic to you Monitor (Face Down) and the other hand is pressing any key



ego! why you gotta go tell the new guy how to do stuff the hard way?! :)

look here felix the cat, its not as hard as he made it sound, alls you gotta do is just eject your cd rom drive (it works better if you have a burner drive, place it in there if applicable) then just place your picture on the cd rom drive face down and close your drive. if the picture is too big for the drive, just fold the edges in untill it fits, they will unfold as they enter your computer. your "laser," as the government likes to call it, can read pictures too not just cd's like everyone thinks. see its a little thing THEY didnt want you to know so you could spend more money on a scanner that you dont need :D


CRUD! i forgot to tell you the most crucial part! cuz obviously you can get the picture to your computer all fine and dandy but not to here i take it? well after it is done "scanning" a screen will pop up and say "hey you! where do you want this picture to go?" then u just type just that simple itll goto the right page and everything :)

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