my first hot start on my 02 426

I am use to riding cr 250s, when I took my 426 up to the mountain with my buddies I accidentally killed it at the base of a hill climb, about 20 minutes later after I was done swearing I got the bike running(with two guys pushing me down a hill) . I am familar with yamaha's starting tricks in their manual, but dose anyone have anything else that might help me out. Don't get me wrong, the 426 if the sweetest bike ever, I just hate hotstarting it.

How did you try to start it? First do not ever twist the throttle before or during starting or you will be kicking for quite a while. If it's hot then first pull the host start, second find the start of the compression stroke and then do the regular drill from there. As soon as it starts you can push in the hot start. Sometimes it will start without the hotstart pulled, but in my experience it will always start if it's pulled within a few kicks so if you may as well pull it if you're in doubt. Hope this helps.

Whereabouts are you? Have an '02 as well, and unless it's blistering hot (which it really hasn't been in Sounthern California) I've had better luck just using the cold start knob or none at all. It starts up in a snap.

p.s. Regarding throttle, take a look at Dubach's video on the Yamaha website for cold starts. (Opposite of what the manual says) Two twist at the beginning of the day, starts up on the first kick. good luck. :)

Turn off the gas at the tank, pull the hot start, pull in the compression release and cycle through about five times. It should start within five or six kicks when it is really flooded.

Hope this helps,


if it's taking you 20 min to start , i would look at the jetting.....

On hot starts you dont need to follow any drill or anything special. I can stall my Bike Mid race and start it first or second kick without having to run it through. The Trick is sit on the seat and kick it just hard enough to go through the stroke. The Harder you kick the less likely it is to start. Half the time I dont even half to use the hot start. My friend Eric is a 2 smoke rider but he used my bike to race the 4 stroke nationals and after 1 week of riding it he could start it when it was hot without the hot start pulled and without running it through. And yes the bike gets hot we live in Arizona. So remember todays lesson is "The harder you kick while its Hot, The longer you will be kicking when its hot". Trust me this works really well if your jetting is also right and with a clean airfilter( Yes I clean mine every ride and Switch it between moto's) and good fresh gas - well hope this helps

thanks for the info guys

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