Does anybody actually adhere to the factory service intervals?

I have a plated 03 on 17s and I only ride it for fun, not for commuting. 


Yes, it's high maintenance. I do oil every 6-700mi but that's typically all of a few rides, on twisty roads (I don't do freeway any more than I have to), at moderate RPM... all of which help with oil life. 


Yes, you should buy a set of valve shims, as well as a good small torque wrench for your cam caps.

Lol well I assumed that it was (and certainly is) more appropriate than a YZ. Lol. That would have been laughable.

Yeah I Prolly should have got a drz.

Mostly perhaps I'm just using it wrong. I need to get on the dirt a lot more, and I got another bike more suited to straight lines.

I'm cool with changing oil frequently but might be more down with it if I found something slightly cheaper than the full synthetic racing goop it's got now

I will stick to about 600 for a while and see how it does. And check it frequently. Lol.

Where does one get a shim kit? I saw listed on ebay 1 (one) shim of whatever number, used, for 6 bucks.... no.

You don't need full synthetic racing stuff, just regular changes. 

I probably don't ride as hard or often as some averaging only 15-30 rides a year , but this is what works for me  .

The Manual is mostly just for torque specs and procedures .


Like most I change oil every 3-4 rides and the filter every other .


Valve check and regrease all the bearings every year


Suspension service ,  and replace bike bearings every 2 years .


and then just fix what needs fixin .


 HotCams makes one. There's probably a better place to buy them than ebay (pretty sure TT store has them, but this was easier to find). 


If you think it's that different than a YZ as far as maintenance goes, I'd look into the details a little more. The different parts are cases, flywheel weight, magic button, transmission ratios, and then other enduro stuff... the heads are the same, the cams are the same (with different timing), the piston/jug are the same, and so on. The wide ratio transmission does help but it's still a high strung engine.


Given how little oil it uses, it's a good idea to use something good especially if using long intervals. The transmission chews up oil.

I trashed my 09 for more than 10,000 miles before a top end, doing dual sport rides and Baja up to 900 mile ride oil change and filter otherwise change my oil every ride with every other ride oil filter just ride it. Street and highway I have a DR 650.

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