2015 yz450f 2nd to 3rd false nuetral

I've read that this is a issue and they did something with the gears on the 16s

What gears would need to be updated?

For everyone to know on the parts diagram for the 16 450f gear #17 and gear #23 have updated part numbers

There was a change to the 4th and 5th output shaft gears ("wheels"), but none of the others.  On the other hand, these two engage 1st, 2nd, and third gears, so there may be something there. 


Then again, you might want to check the "stopper lever" (indexing arm) that indexes the shift cam.  If it was the ball bearing type rather than the single roller type, it could have fallen apart.


I've heard of a few people over the years who solved this by repositioning their shifter, too.

Thanks. Pretty sure them are the 2 wheels I have listed. For 16 it looks like they updated the shift arm,spring and screw also. Thanks for your opinion

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