WR450 electric problems

Hey guys I've got a 2003 wr450. Ever since the start of this season I've noticed that my battery seems weak. Sometimes the starter will barely turn the engine over or will just click, but then 10 minutes later it will crank right over no problem. I had just figured the battery was on it's way out.

Just letting you know the bike is setup for supermoto, I have the tusk lighting kit. I was out riding last night for about two hours. I noticed my blinkers stopped flashing and would just stay on. No big deal I figured the blinker relay went out. Couple minutes later I go to hit my horn and it barely makes any sound. I tried the blinkers again and the ignition starts to cut out on me.

I figured the battery finally took a dump on me so I started to head home. The headlight was fine because I know that runs off AC directly off the stator. All my other lights were very dim, blinkers and horn didn't work. Tried the blinkers at a stop light and the bike died. I was able to kickstart it and make it home though.


After I got home and shut off the bike I tried turning the key on again and there is no power to anything.

This morning I checked the voltage on the battery and it reads a solid 12.75v. So this leads me to believe it has to be a wiring issue or maybe something with the key or ignition.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm going to try to find a wiring diagram and check over all the connections.

Same issues with mine with tusk kit, put a ricky stator or other brand high output stator in it and thats the fix

Same issues with mine with tusk kit, put a ricky stator or other brand high output stator in it and thats the fix

I've been running the lighting kit for over a year with no problems until now. Are you sure it's the stator? It's Keeping the battery charged if it's reading over 12v

The 10a fuse next the the starter solenoid was blown. What circuit is that fuse for? Just the starter or the whole electric system? I replaced it and everything works. Trying to figure why it blew.

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